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Posted on 2005.10.12 at 20:15
Current Mood: sadgrieving
Current Music: With Or Without You - U2
My cute liddle MP3 has died after two years of faithful service. Well, I can at least say that I got my money's worth - I thrashed the thing.
Oh well. It gives me an excuse to nag my mum for an iPod (YayhopefullyaU2iPodOMG).


Mufasa - loyal MP3. Loved by all. Will be greatly missed. Georgia shall no longer be able to listen to U2 on a whim. =(

Posted on 2005.10.11 at 18:42
Current Music: The Fly - U2
It's the second day of term four.
In a few months I'll be officially classified as a Year 8. That's damn scary. I shall be finally free of the Year 7 stereotype (elastics and ninja turtle backpacks), and the perpetual patronising by older years and teachers.
Anyway, Roxanne returned from India today. I had missed her. I remember running up to her as soon I saw her and giving her this huge hug. I'm never that emotional and I hate touching people. That was rather weird.
It was nice to have her back. But all that serenity, all that silence that had accumulated due to her absence immediately evaporated on her return. She's changed quite a bit, but she's still as loud as ever.

This afternoon after Taekwondo Jori had other commitments. Thusly, she did not catch the 290 with me, and I hate being alone on public transport. But that was a great excuse for me to listen to my MP3 all the way home without being disturbed. I had to struggle with myself to not jump out of my seat and scream the chorus of Where The Streets Have No Name - but I suppose I already looked weird enough, what with doing air guitar and all.

It is... nice... to be back at school. As much as I hate to admit it.

Posted on 2005.10.08 at 19:42
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Drowning Man - U2
I detest the end of the holidays.

I don't want to go back. Please don't make me go back. I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back.

I hate the bastard who decided that the holidays between term three and four should only be two weeks. I feel depressed, not rejuvenated.

Posted on 2005.10.04 at 10:35
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Red Hill Mining Town - U2
We had a friend and my aunt over for dinner last night. And this thoughtful friend brought a bag of lemons she had grown on her farm for us. >_< I am sad.

I suppose anyone can guess what happened...

Posted on 2005.10.03 at 17:17
Current Music: Exit - U2
It's sad how many of these I am guilty of:

You've mistaken certain words or sayings for U2 ones. Stuff like "Bonn" (as in the city in Germany) for "Bono".

- Guilty

You have given anyone a death glare who comments that U2 are old enough to be your parents.

- Very guilty

Friends have stopped asking you what you have stuck on your homework diary.

- Guilty...

Mates have also asked if you are over that 'phase' with U2 yet.

- My Mum also. Guilty again...

You shush anyone who talks when a video is on.

- Guilty

You have worked out how much taller you are than Bono.

- Not taller, shorter... But... Guilty

You have told so many people so many U2 facts that they try and shut you up before you open your mouth.

- Not too guilty.

You dress up as a bono alter ego for Halloween and then wonder why everyone is asking who you were (it was obvious you were Macphisto! You had the horns and everything!)

- Not guilty... yet.

You go to book shops and stare at the music shelves expecting a u2 book to suddenly materialize here.

- Shit... this stupid survey knows all.... YES. GUILTY.

You know you're obsessed with U2 when somebody is in mid sentence and you can suddenly break out into song b/c a word they said was a title or a line in a U2 song. (I do it all the time. One time my friend was talking and said something about flying colors and I broke out into "Please" the second she said it.)

- *sigh*.... Guilty....

You're afraid to open your mouth to speak because you know you'll only say something about U2. You don't want to be told to shut up because everyone is sick of hearing about 'em!

- Not yet. For some people, maybe.

You know you're obsessed with U2 when your color printer runs out of ink and everyone in your family knows there is only one way that could have happened so quickly! You get in trouble and are forced to pay for more ink.

- Slight offender...

At school you can be pointed out by your friends to people who don't know you as "Yeah, she's the one who's psycho about U2"

- YES.

On your computer you have : U2 windows theme, U2 Wallpaper (chosen daily from the few hundred pictures of the band you have ), Winamp skins to match the wallpaper of the day, Bono icons for every folder on the desktop. you have customized each folder so wherever you are - you have Bono looking right back at you. *

- *cringe*.... Yes...... But not with whole folder thing.

Because you are on vacation (no computers, no notebooks), you "miss" Eli's birthday and have a really lousy day when you realize it (no, you don't miss Ali & Bono's anniversary, you couldn't possibly forget that day!)

- Nup.

When you see them on the MTV news you spend the rest of the day in front of the TV so you won't miss any of the replays

- Yeah...

When a radio DJ says during his show that the Joshua Tree album is unofficially the best rock album in history, you give him a phone call to say, "Thank you for having the guts to say the truth"

- No... But I'd be tempted.

When friends want to be really nice to you they know exactly what they have to do. they either a. Ask how Bono is doing; b. Ask about what U2 related stuff you've downloaded recently; c. Bring you magazines with U2 interviews and/or pictures d. Take a picture of the Charles de Gaulle airport from their trip to France especially for you; e. Buy you Rattle and Hum the movie on DVD

- Well... They should know by now...

You spend hours in the video store searching for every movie that has a U2 song in it......

- Nearly done so.

Then get into heated arguments with your friends and refuse to talk to them when they point out that the movie was crap.

- No.

To the dismay of your parents, the first word your baby brother spoke was "U2" because you talk of nothing else

- Only child. But if I had siblings this might be the case...

You've only got 89 links to various websites in your favorite file and it isn't enough! DAMMIT! *

- No...

After your little bro went and nicked your big U2 poster off the wall for a laugh, you nick his teddy and threaten to send it back piece by piece unless the poster comes back unharmed!

- No.

Ditto with the bio you brought

- No siblings dude.

and the CDs

- I would.

Your best friend greets you with "So, how's the band going" instead of "hello"

- They're on the verge of it...

You keep on visiting the Clarence hotel website...for no real reason apart from you're convinced U2 are on there somewhere...

- Nup.

You have pointed out to everyone you know that you have been past the hospital that Adam was born in!

- No.

People stop asking for your opinion on certain music types *

- Not really.

You have a U2 tape you have made with clips on the TV. On said tape you have "beautiful day" and "with or without you" at least 6 times-and you don't realize until you see the whole thing!

- No... But I have clips on my computer.

You had a pair of sunglasses that were like the fly shades and you got upset when you lost your shades on holiday

- No. Thank God.

You print out copies of hilarious fan fiction stories for your friends and wonder why no one else thinks they're funny *

- No. I hate U2 fanfic.

You've taken to looking behind you all the time when you go out, just in case U2 are around

- I'm not that desperate.

The only songs that you can play on guitar that AREN'T U2 are cover versions of songs that U2 played *

- Can't play the guitar. Would if I could.

At school you never sit at the middle of your table. You prefer to be "on The Edge"

- I've made bad jokes like that one, if that's what you're getting at. And no, I don't do THAT.

When you go to the mall with your friends and tell them that for no means must they allow you to go into FYE (For Your Entertainment) for fear you might somehow hurt yourself buying out U2 singles, then as you see U2 lighting up the TV inside the forbidden store you leave your friends to pull/drag you away yelling "BONO SAVE ME!!!"

- Substitute friends with mother.

While peeling potatoes for dinner you try to make them look like the Edge. Its fairly difficult, but not impossible!

- God, no.

You look for U2 references everywhere, in teen magazines, on TV, etc. *

- Yep.

You make it a point to tell every adult you come in contact with that U2 is the best, just in case they at some point in their lives they went to a concert, or have some old dusty copy of Achtung Baby somewhere. You then realize you have more musically in common with the parents of kids you baby-sit for than their kids or their friends.

- *Groan* .... yes....

You haven't listened to any other band's cd for over a year *

- No.

You buy lemons every time you go to the store, even though you never use them

- No. But I do like lemons.

When ever somebody says "you too" you either a.) smile like a fool while he/she rolls his/her eyes at you * or b.) flip out screaming "WHERE!?!? WHEEERREEE?!?!" with pen, paper, and Polaroid ready...just in case

- No. I just descend into mad hysterics.

Anyone that mispronounces Bono's name (like Bone-o) IMMEDIATELY gets the death glare *

- Hell yeah.

You base friendships on how much that person likes U2/ looks like U2

- No. I'm not THAT bad.

You sing "Happy Birthday" on each band members birthday... *

- No. I would on Bono's birthday though.

...and make everyone else sing along too...

- Not yet...

...while you blow out the candles to the cake shaped in that member's likeness

- NO.

People avoid certain words/phrases around you (ex: "you too", "beautiful day", edge, lemon, fly, poptart, Ireland, etc.) because you go spastic *

- They will soon.

For Halloween you dress up like your favorite band member...

- I'm female. That's a bit too sad. Ok... maybe MacPhisto.

...and get mad when no one knows who you are...

- Not really.

...and then become violent when they don't know it's Larry's birthday!

- No.

You travel to Dublin like it's a sacred journey to holy ground (even though you are not remotely Irish) *

- I am remotely Irish. And yes, I would.

While the other girls at school have pictures of boy bands/teen actors, your locker is covered with pictures of U2 (which disturb your friends a bit) *

- Yes, I do. But I'm not alone.

All of your notebooks are covered with doodles and lyrics of U2 *

- Well, my diary is.

Classmates don't even bother asking what your art project is about anymore, just what album it is *

- No.

Ditto on essays

- No... That's a bit sad...

While watching the Grammys, you got so excited that U2 won that you started jumping up and down...and accidentally broke the lamp * (sorry about that mom!)

- Definitely!

You sing along to U2 songs in the supermarket *

- Of course.


- Well... loud enough.

You manage to slip U2 lyrics into every sentence

- >_< Sometimes... yes.

You've programmed your alarm clock to "Tryin' to Throw your Arms Around the World" ("Six o'clock in the morning, you're the last to hear the warning...")

- No.

You don't use actual dates anymore...everything is "3 months before Popmart", "2 years after Zoo TV", "5 weeks before Elevation", etc.

- Nup.

You are teaching yourself how to speak with an Irish accent *

- Not really...

You talk to your U2 posters as if they are real (they are, right?!?! RIGHT!?!)

- NO.

You find a new reason for playing The Sims. You create sims of yourself and U2 and make them all live in one house. You control EVERYONE. Use your imagination ;) (I only have 3 things to say: Bono, Hot Tub, and Speedo *drool*) *

- No. Well, not on Sims anyway. On Morrowind.

You daydream about how happy you and Bono would be together until someone points out that he's married, has 4 kids, lives in a different country, and is 25 years older than you =( *

- Many more years than that... And yes... Far too many times.... =(....

Every night your dreams involve U2 * (mine are usually that I get pulled up on stage and perform with them, although there was that one weird dream that Edge and I were on our way to the store when I saved him from a mountain lion...)

- No.

You nearly pass out at a U2 concert during the first song because you are so excited * (I had to sit down for a couple of seconds before I blacked out, I guess from hyperventilation!)

- I will.

Oh dear. I must be really, really obsessed. I AM pathetic.

*suddenly breaks into chorus of beautiful day to cheer herself up*...

*beautiful day actually starts playing on computer*

*hits self on head with Achtung Baby CD*


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Posted on 2005.10.02 at 17:44
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: So Cruel - U2 (I thought it was fitting)
I've just returned from holidays. But I cannot be bothered to relate the details.

Onto matters of the present.

All I have to do is sit dejectedly at my computer and browse sad sites like "I am bored dot com" and other such beauties that one only can be bothered to spend time on when one is at the END OF HER TETHER. Maybe I'm just a dull person. Maybe I should be attempting to do *something* constructive that does not have the potential to kill all (if any) of my remaining brain cells. Unlike what I'm doing now: reading F grade fanfiction to get a kick out of the sickening grammar, with music jacked up so loud my eardrums may be irreparably scarred for the rest of my life.
And, to top that off, my MSN has ceased to function. God only knows why. Why must computers be such unpredictable bastards?

I hope it's only temporary, for the sake of my waning sanity.

Maybe this will amuse me. I bet it's gonna do something cool. I hope it does something cool soon. Come on... I know it will. COME ON. I shall sit here and watch it till it does something cool. Or I might have to stick my head in a bee hive. *HEADESKHEADESKHEADESK*



Posted on 2005.09.12 at 16:08
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: The Fly - U2
Today in Geography I made an amazing AND brilliant (not to mention scarily coincidental) discovery.
Mrs Summers had just handed out the geography text books.
Then Emily suddenly yelled to me: "Hey, Georgia, Bono's in the geography book. Page 302."
A first I thought it was a joke. Another person making fun of my obsession, just seeing if I would take the bait. So (apprehensive yet excited)I flipped through the pages to 302.
The girl told the truth.
I squealed.

It was just the slightest bit scary though. But, nyeh. I cannot complain =).

Speaking of U2, and Bono, Roxanne will not shut up about them. I mean, I am obsessed, but not like her. I think she's copying me and Caitlin, to be brutally honest. If it weren't for us, she wouldn't even care. It's starting to annoy me ever so slightly.
It is true, if Caitlin and I both do something Roxanne seldom doesn't follow. Caitlin and I can at least say we liked U2 before we started school... Roxanne could not care less about them at the beginning of the year...
Heck, whatever.

Posted on 2005.09.05 at 16:19
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
YES. I have made my first *successful* and OK looking backgorund on photoshop. Yes, it's nothing special... But still.
And I know it's not that great.


Posted on 2005.09.04 at 20:19
Current Music: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Paul McCartney and U2

K. It begins with dropping my nan off at the station. Then I go see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with Luce and Hannah (very, very good. Maybe better than the original...). Following that is shopfest plus dinner at GPK. For once I convince them to try a gourmet pizza. After, we buy ice cream and waste more time shopping, at which point I buy my gorgeous new U2 DVD (U2 Go Home: Live At Slane Castle).
Next day.
Mum forces me to go shopping. But this shopping results in me buying a pair of Converse All Stars! YAY! FINALLY! Oh-so happy.
Now I have to do my wretched DT assingment AND an English essay. Thank God it is only 300 words.
But nyeh. Twas still a nice weekend.

Posted on 2005.08.26 at 21:46
Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Until The End Of The World - U2
I am convinced my music teacher is insane. Out of it. Crazy. Nuts.


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