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The Lair of the Beast.

So this is called life, eh?

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"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching." - Bono.

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1960s, ^_^, achtung!!, acting, adorable baby kitties, akira, anarchy, anime, anti george w. bush, anti-occaness, argh, arguing, art, autumn leaves, being a chocoholic, being a hydromaniac, being a megalomaniac, being a pyromaniac, being claustrophic, being eccentric, being eloquent, being gourmet, being in control, being intelligent, being obsessive-compulsive, bono, books, bubbles!, butterflies, cats, cats doing funny things, chocolat, chocolate, clive owen, computar machines, dawn french, diana rigg, downloading fonts, drama, drawing, dvds, explosions, final fantasy, fire, flying, frangipanis, french and saunders, gluckpilze, gorillaz, grammar naziness, green tea, hockey, horoscopes, icon making, immortality, incense, it's a beautiful day, japanese swords, japanese things, jennifer saunders, johnny depp, katanas, last exile, latin, lemons, leoness, macphisto, make poverty history, martial arts, meow, mmm... free goo, monty python, movies, mua ha ha haaaa, mufasa, mushrooms, music, my cute liddle mp3, my kitty, new agey-ness, nitpicking, o_o, off-beat humour, omigawd, one, optimism, owning the sun, pasta, patrick macnee, paul hewson, people watching, photography, photoshop, picking at my fingernails, prettiful thingses, pretty fish, quirkiness, randomness, reading, retro, rock music, salve childs!, shopping, skiing, soft things, sparkly things, spiders, spidey-sense!, staring into nothingness, staying up late, stuff, surfing, sushi, swimming, taekwondo, tantos, teehee, the avengers, the fly, the french language, the moon, the ocean, the vicar of dibley, thinking, tigers, u2, violent video games, wazikashis, weapons, weebl and bob, word puzzles, writing, xd, xyz, yin and yang